Monday, June 19, 2006

Pat came from Taiwan

FOR BESSIE . . . (and apologies to Eleanor F.)

Pat came from Taiwan

With her NT well spent;

She had had her full share

Of delight and content;

She had been to Japan

In snow and in blossom

Eaten many a teppan

But nary a possum.

Into China she ventured
With some trepidation
But she walked the Great Wall

Of that interesting nation.

She bought a gold dragon
Of cloisonné ilk

She drank from a flagon

Embroidered with silk.

The Forbidden City

Caused her to sigh;
She thought it a pity
And ironic to die
In Tiananmen square
Like those students deceased
At the lovely gate there
Named Harmony/Peace.

She had stood at the rim
Of Taroko’s huge canyons;

She had pedaled a dragon

And admired the banyans.

At Providence university

She pushed to the brink

And despite their diversity

Urged students to THINK FOR THEMSELVES (and I'm aware this part doesn't rhyme or keep the meter )

‘Til mid frolic and shout

And tinsel and litter

The lights started out

Making everything glitter.

And dazed by the noise

Of the heretofore shy ones

With her toys and her joys

Pat came home from Taiwan.