Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year!

A closup of my nose in its current iteration

It's warm and sunny outside and I have already made my third trip to the doctor this week who says I am better but what does he know he's just hoping and not living inside my head with a nose that runs and is stopped up at the same time you say that's not possible just like they say in Russia but anything is possible in this best of all possible worlds and I want you all to know that I'm hoping the next year will be better and much less interesting than this one was and that we all can breathe and vote and keep our jobs and see our friends and our families and go to the beach with our grandchldren and do all the things that make this world so wonderful and none of the things that don't. And that's the truth!


and be careful out there tonight . . .


At 6:52 AM, Blogger K. A. Laity said...

Pat --

Have a Happy New Year's even without some bubbly (well, bubbly something!). I must say good bye to the Helix today, but I'll be glad to say hello to Gene again in person! I'll send you a copy of the paper if you want, with the Powerpoint presentation even, hee hee. I laugh because I forgot to bring my laptop, which Jana Schulman told me I needed to do several months ago, so I didn't end up showing the presentation, so I should get some mileage out of it.

I've managed to catch a cold here (insufficient hydration -- always a mistake!) so I look forward to getting home and being pampered. Cheers!

At 11:33 AM, Blogger bill thorogood said...

hi miss pat from beautiful downtown bellaire, texas ---zip code 77401. mmmm... wonderful 80 degree weather hear in houston for another tough houston winter. the weather report today include the name of the 27th hurricane of the 2006 season --- hurricane zeta. well, i guess this will be the last of the season, as it is the last day of the year! checked in with mr. pete yesterday with Teresa, who arrived in houston from the west texas fires. all seems to be well with mr. pete.. we are having a hard time to keep him from jogging and weight lifting. Mr. pete sure looks like he is 27 years old again. he plans to run for lt. "govner" of texas with kinky and is working hard in the kinkster's campaign. OK, here is teresa-

Hey Girl! Happy new Year! I'm planning to take it easy today with T-Good & Mr. Pete & hope NOT to share with either of them the stomach flu that everyone in Crane had (a less than lovely way to lose 5 lbs....) Remember Sister Lissie & her husband Jim & red-haired daughter Marilyn from last year at Ghost Ranch? Well they are Sam-sitting for me in NYC for two weeks & having a swell time doing the Big Apple. I spent 3 weeks in London overseeing the installation of Darlene's new kitchen, so now she thinks I could build her house in Ireland. But I'm not committing.....may still be meeting her in New Zealand late January; however, travel plans are up in the air. I told TGood we would have to become bloggers because I assume since I haven't heard from you that either my or your emails are being absorbed in etherspace. Try to keep all the expats in line, get well, & enjoy the onset of "our" new year. After all, there will be a Chinese one in another month or so. Love ya! TMc

At 6:37 PM, Blogger Patricia Golemon said...

Wow! How great to hear from all three of you. Yes, Kate, I would love to read your paper and see your ppt (tee hee). That organized, brilliant you forgot something important gives me hope to live, so every cloud . . . Teresa, I can only assume you are right about the emails because I get yours, at least some of them, and answer them. And have sent you others, including one (sent 2x) with information for traveling. I'll send it to Peter today so he can print it for you. Bill, whatever you are on, send me some, will you?
Love to all!

At 10:04 PM, Blogger hundleby said...

Happy New Year, Pat, from uncold, unsnowy but insanely busy Canada. I finally figured out how to find this spot, but have no idea if this will ever get to you, as I am instructed to use HTML tags. Without being paid! I must say the adventures sound adventurous so far, and I hope this means you won't hold our filling in that damn form against us. Keep those pictures coming; it is a wonderful experience to be able to share this with/through your eyes.

Margaret & John

PS We have been through three internet setups and finally ended up with one that seems to work; address is now


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