Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Life in the hands of Providence

I just created a very good blog with photos and lost every bit of it. It just disappeared and the Google screen was the only thing on the computer. I would cry and throw the computer but apparently that won't help. It's gone, gone, gone. Not even any wind in here. Sigh . . . Maybe the preist will come get rid of the poltergeist that inhabits my computer since I came to Taiwan.

Okay. This will be much shorter. I am trundling on, and I like my little nest at the top of the student union building, except sometimes in the middle of the night when the Japanese students decide to wake up and slam doors and generally be noisy. However, after I cornered one and by gestures and other signs let her know that I wanted some QUIET ON THE FLOOR at eleven pm, the noise is several decibels lower . . . (They probably think Grendel’s mom lives here, but I don’t care. Some of my students here and at UHD would agree.) But most of the time I get in at six or so and get in my jammies and read the assignments I’ve made to the students and study Chinese (that’s quite an experience!) and listen to music on my computer while I work. Right now I am listening to the Brandenberg concertos and they are quite swell, as usual. And in a few minutes I'll study for a Chinese test. Can’t remember the last time I had a test and it’s funny to be a student again. My teacher looks to be about 20. My digs lean towards the monastic and I like it. Only two plates to wash, hardly any housekeeping or laundry. It’s not a bad life for a while.

Two shots of my room are above, one from the door and the other from the back wall. Above that is the building where I live.

I have had to explain to several classes that one reads the assignments BEFORE one comes to class if one wants to pass. But I am so big and different that the ones who don’t drop will, I think, prepare in the future. And I am happy for those who drop and those who stay and prepare. See what a zen artist I’m getting to be. Bet you’re surprised, huh?

This is me with my grad students . . .

Here's a photo of my boss, Dr.Wu.

Tuesday afternoon one of my grad students brought me some cheese which I had for dinner and it was delicious. Yum. First real cheese I've had this month. I was inspired by that to get some bread and when I went by the bakery in our building (doesn't that have a nice ring to it?) I saw a flower shop has opened next door to it. So that night Peter bought me some beautiful lillies that cost $6 for the whole bunch of five stems and about fifteen blooms. They look great in the room and will bloom for many days as they are just opening and have many buds. Whe I was a little girl my grandfather died, and every year or so after that he bought my grandmother a new set of wedding rings. (They had married without rings, being poor at the time, and so the rings she had carried no sentimental value, so she felt free to trade up from time to time.) That has always seemed a tradition too valuable to let die, so while Peter is afar he will no doubt continue to bring me flowers . . .

Now I really do have to go study. Ciao, boys and girls.


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