Wednesday, September 14, 2005

From Peter Wednesday, September 14

For lunch we avoided the crowds and bought 2 loaves of "bread" at the bakery in the student union building. They looked like small sandwiches or hot dog buns, and came in pairs (we know because we tried to separate them and get only one, bringing down the wrath of the girl behind the cash register). They did have something like a small piece of ham and some cheese inside, but they had been brushed on top with some fish oil. Fish oil????

Last night we bought a loaf of bread to have for breakfast this morning. It was the size of a small French loaf, and about the same shape. It was green on the outside (like an Xmas confection or cookie), and had taro root inside. Taro root is sweet, purple in color, pasty in consistency, and we first tried it in a desert dumpling one evening last week.

I figured out how to get a cup of coffee this afternoon. Get this: espresso @ 500 cc. How's that for a shot? Cost was about US $1.10. Take that, Starbucks! BTW, Starbucks is about as ubiquitous in Taiwan as Subway, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Did I mention that I had gone to a McDonald's in Taipei, and could not find a hamburger on the menu? They had chicken though, covered in mayo. Drenched in mayo. Dripping with it, as though it had had mayo flowing in its veins, and mayo was the most natural thing in the world for a chicken, besides feathers.

The faculty people whom I have met here are swell. Patricia Hazeltine, who came here from the States 30 years ago, and loves it, and has been teaching at Providence for 15 years. Dr. Wu, the chair, who studied at Univ of Illinois. Dr. Tsui, whom I met today, who told me that he had spent 35 years in the US (did I understand that correctly? I think I did) and not long ago was in Houston with his church group. He certainly knew the geography and areas in the States, and we discussed how hot PHO (which he referred to as Maricopa County) is, and LVN (which he referred to as Clark County), and the LOS basin. He's been to Utah and hiked in most of the national parks, including Zion, told me which mountains he had climbed in Washington -- and Indonesia. As I said, they are an interesting group of people.

Have I mentioned that Dr. Pat is true to her school. She has been working round the clock, as is her wont, when she has work that has to be done. Only once, for a short time, have I seen her start to feel overwhelmed: yesterday, when she sat down and cried a bit and allowed as to how she is too old for this and she should have done it 40 years ago, when she could remember things better. Then she calmed down, and sat at the computer and worked til the job was done. She'll be just fine. I don't think I'll have to worry too much about her getting along here; and I expect that by the time I come back in January she'll be ready to party and show me the rest of Taiwan.


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